How can I contribute to this platform?

There are many ways. You can add a new collection that you know, share it to SME in needs and your community. If you are a startup, you can make a response plan for this COVID19 situation which includes special access for SME to your service.

Do you generate any profit through this platform?

No, all links are not affiliated commercially with any providers. Several of our partners give specific discount codes to easily recognize traffic sources from this directory to their websites.

How do you create the definition of each collection?

We use Wikipedia as the main source of information. Next in line is the first search result in Google

How do you describe a product and its offering?

We use what the service provider describes in their website meta description as the main resource. Next in line is Linkedin page, then App or Playstore listing

Where do you curate these resources from?

We start curate this resource on top of a discussion in IndieHacker that has low engagement. We see the potentials there. Then we grow the lists from these various sources:

  • Our own Linkedin networks
  • Our own business partners
  • Personal newsletter subscription by each team member at Alumak
  • Aidtable
  • Help with Covid

How do you create a screenshot for each resource?

We go to each website and use 3rd party service by Screely

Support businesses around us to keep running in this new normal to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Introduce them to the application and business service providers that make it easier to manage businesses online, especially those that provide limited free access and special discounts.



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Run business as usual in this new normal.
Directory of special discounts and free access to business tools in this COVID-19 quarantine period.
Wholeheartedly initiated by the team at Alumak.